Yes, you can injure yourself bowling

Posted by: DFX on Aug 12, 2015

bowling-sports-etcSome people might say that bowling is not really a sport. I have heard it before plenty of times at work, and even more in recent months. The truth is, if you are serious about bowling, like I am, you do have to do a bit of athletic activity, from training to the game itself. So really, it should go without saying that you can get injured while bowling. Correct bowling form involves both twisting your body and throwing a heavy ball with spin on it, while keeping your balance the whole time! That’s pretty hard to do, and it definitely puts your body under a bit of stress. Therefore, sometimes things go wrong and you can get hurt. I did.

I was part of a serious, twice weekly bowling league in the town I live in. I played with two other bowlers who were sisters. We won the league the previous year and the year before that, but midway through the season, we were neck and neck with a new team that was composed of three friends who had bowled on their college team. During our second match in Week 10, I felt something like a snap in my ankle. My Achilles tendon had ruptured. There went the season.

Luckily, surgery repaired my tendon with very few complications. Within 2 months, I was swimming in the pool. I was able to start bowling again, with a lighter ball, after 9 months of intensive physical therapy. Hopefully we will be able to steal the championship trophy back from those frat boys next season, and reclaim the honor of our town.

So there you have it. Bowling is an athletic sport and you can get injured doing it. Be careful and keep yourself in shape. If you do get injured, and you feel that you are the victim of some wrong doing, don’t forget to contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible.