5 Factors That Will Affect Your Personal Injury Case Award

Posted by: DFX on Apr 28, 2017

fire-920057_640If you’ve been injured as the result of the negligence or carelessness of another party then you may be considering filing a personal injury case. At Gilbert & Smallman, we’re always happy to provide a free case evaluation and one question we hear time and time again is: How much will my case be worth? The best way to get an answer is to give us a call. Otherwise, read on to learn about five factors that can affect the amount of your personal injury claim.  

1. The type of injury you suffered

An injury that will have lifelong repercussions, like a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury, are likely to result in larger awards than a sprained ankle. In many cases, a medical doctor will be the one to estimate your future medical expenses.

2. The person who’s been injured

In theory, we’re equal in front of the law. In reality, a jury may award more money to someone who doesn’t have a long accident history compared to someone who’s brought a dozen personal injury cases in the past. Likewise, a senior citizen and a teenager are likely to be thought of differently.

3. The person who was responsible for the accident

The person you’re suing, the one who actually caused the accident, will also be a factor. For example, if they were drunk when they caused the accident then they may have a stiffer penalty. Their work history, criminal history, and age can also all be factors.

4. The actual damage you suffered

Some of the damages that can be awarded in a Florida personal injury case are easy to estimate. For example, lost wages, past medical costs, damage to your car, etc. are all economic costs that can be quantified. But what about pain and suffering? What about future medical bills? The total you can expect for non-economic damages will vary and you should speak to your personal injury attorney for a better idea.

5. Who’s doing the negotiating

The truth is that if you hire an attorney who doesn’t have much experience in personal injury claims, or who simply wants to get the case over as quickly as possible, then you’re likely to get a smaller settlement than you would if you worked with an experienced attorney. At Gilbert & Smallman, we’ve worked with a wide range of personal injury cases for everything from car accidents to pharmacy malpractice. Call us today for your free case evaluation.