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    Miami Defective Products Personal Injury Attorney

    Defective Products Lawyer In Florida

    If you buy a product, you shouldn’t have to sit and question the safety of the item you bought, you should have a good idea that if used in the proper way indicated on the packaging that you will stay safe. If this turns out to be untrue and you or a loved one is injured or killed by a product, you can sue the company responsible for its manufacture and distribution. When you have been victimized by a defective product, please call the Law Offices of Gilbert and Smallman and speak with a skilled Miami personal injury attorney.

    Products can become defective by one of three means. A poor design can result in a product that is unsafe by nature. In many cases of collapsing cribs and strollers, this is the reason. The next cause is manufacturing errors. In these situations, a product is designed fine, but the company that actually produced the item added a dangerous flaw. If your child fell victim to lead poisoning after using a toy manufactured in China, this is most likely the reason. Lastly, a product can be made dangerous by not including proper warnings and instructions with its packaging. This is what’s known as a marketing error and can involve situations such as suffocation hazards to children. If you aren’t sure which kind of error caused your injuries, your Miami personal injury lawyer can help you figure out how and why the accident occurred.

    File Your Claim with the Help of a Miami Personal Injury Attorney

    Whatever the cause of your injuries related to a product, you can take action by suing the company responsible for your accident. A Miami personal injury attorney can help you claim compensation for your medical expenses, pain, emotional trauma, disfigurement, time spent out of work while recovering, and any expenses related to a family member’s wrongful death.

    If you have any questions about product liability cases, please call our offices and speak to a Miami personal injury lawyer from our firm at no expense. We look forward to helping you get back on your feet.