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    Fort Lauderdale 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

    Truck accidents often result in the most debilitating injuries, including:

    Unlike car accidents where only the other driver is potentially liable, in a truck accident, there may be several parties who might be included in any claim, thereby increasing your chances of being fully compensated for all losses.

    Here is a partial list of potential parties:

    Federal laws come into play with trucking accidents. This may require a higher degree of investigation than car accidents. The case will often turn on and examination of the driver’s log, a check of driver qualifications, and a review of truck maintenance records.

    Your car or motorcycle is no match for a semi-truck that may weigh 10,000 to 75,000 pounds. The statistics regarding truck accidents cut both ways. Trucks account for very few accidents compared to the miles they travel, but when there is an accident the injuries are more catastrophic. One thing is clear from the statistics, the truck driver is not the one who usually dies or ends up with major injuries.

    Many crashes between heavy commercial trucks and smaller trucks, cars, and motorcycles can be avoided by following these safety tips from RoadSafe America.

    If you are someone you love has been injured in any a semi-truck accident, take a few minutes to call attorneys:

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