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    Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

    If you are injured are otherwise harmed while on someone else’s property due to that property being ill-maintained, you can sue the owner of the premises for their role in your injury. Even if your own negligent act has contributed to your injury, you may still be able to receive justifiable compensation.

    In many such cases, the owner of the property or the insurance provider may make an offer to settle. You would be wise to check with a personal injury attorney before you even discuss the matter with the insurance company. The claims adjuster has only one goal. His job depends on getting the lowest possible settlement and limiting his company’s exposure to damages.

    The most common causes of injuries on poorly maintained property is a slip and fall accident. These trips, dips and slips can result in broken bones, damage to the spine, head injuries, road rash, sprains and more. In extreme cases, the slips may even result in death. The reason for these accidents can vary, but they may be caused by spills, broken pavement, overgrown trees, or poor flooring. Whatever the reason the accident occurred, the attorneys at Gilbert and Smallman in Miami and Fort Lauderdale can help you get back on your feet again by allowing you to claim the compensation you deserve for your pain, suffering and time off work.

    While many people believe they need to be permanently injured in order to claim compensation for these types of accidents, the reality is that the injury need only have caused you to need medical treatment. Even if the injury only resulted in a broken bone or pulled ligament, you deserve reimbursement for your hospital bills and your pain. Don’t let your medical expenses victimize you; call a Miami personal injury attorney from The Law Offices of Gilbert and Smallman.

    When you work with our firm, you can be certain that your Miami personal injury lawyer will do everything possible to prove the owner was responsible for your injuries. Your attorney will prove that he or she knew about the danger posed by the hazard that resulted in your fall and failed to remedy the situation in a timely manner.

    If you have been injured, please call our offices today to discuss your potential case. You will always speak with one of our senior attorneys by private cell phone. This helps give you the assurance that your case is being handled as expeditiously as possible.

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