The Case of Venus Williams: What is She Liable For?

Posted by: DFX on Sep 01, 2017

TrafficIt would be hard to find someone in Florida who hasn’t heard about the car crash Venus Williams was involved in a few months ago. The auto accident she was involved in led to an elderly gentleman being hospitalized. Just a few weeks after the accident, the man died. Now the question remains: Is Williams liable? And will she be held accountable?

The details of the accident

While the full details of the accident haven’t been released to the public – and may never be – we do know some things. We know that the victim was named Jerome Barson and that he was 78 years old. According to his wife, Venus t-boned his vehicle with her SUV. The wife claims that Venus entered the intersection at a high speed.

The result was that Mr. Barson suffered a serious head trauma. The collision took place on June 9th but he held on until his death two weeks later. His widow is clear that the accident could not have been prevented by anyone but Williams.

The police report supports the widow’s story

It’s important to note that Williams has not been charged with anything. That said, the police report did say she was at fault because she violated the right of way of another driver. Williams, who is 37 years old, said that the crash was the result of heavy traffic. Her vehicle jutted out into the intersection and was struck by the widow.

The official word is that the case is being investigated

According to the police in Palm Beach Gardens, the crash is still being investigated. However, they can confirm a few things. First, they say that there’s no indication that Venus was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They also say that there’s no evidence that she was distracted by any type of device. It’s also worth noting that Williams wasn’t cited or given a traffic violation at the time of the accident.

While the police won’t be specific about the injuries, we do know that Barson’s wife was also injured and we believe that those injuries included broken bones.

Is there a personal injury case here?

You may be wondering if the widow needs to hire a personal injury attorney. While we can’t be sure of anything without more information, we would suggest that she call us for a free consultation. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, we’d encourage you to do the same.