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    Harris Gilbert and Andrew Smallman have years of experience handling a broad spectrum of personal injury cases. The only way we will be able to determine whether your case is a good fit for our law firm is to have a brief, no cost, no obligation, consultation about the specifics or your situation.

    In the meantime, we would advise that you do not discuss your case with the party or parties responsible for your injury. We also strongly recommend that you not discuss any particulars of the case or any settlement options with your own insurance company or with the insurance company representing the other side. Anything you say can and will undoubtedly be used against you in attempting to limit your recovery of the money due you.

    Keep in mind that even your own insurance company has every motivation to pay you nothing or as little as possible for your loss. All insurance company employees and claims adjusters are trained to find ways to limit the amounts paid to you.

    Call us today. It will take us only a few minutes to advise you as to the best course of action for you to take. In the left column is a partial list of the types of accident cases that we can accept. However, it is impossible to list every possible accident type. Call one of our senior attorneys on their personal cell phone right now, and get some clear direction on the way to proceed. Remember, too, that you have no out of pocket expense until you get your financial recovery.

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