A Car and Scooter Collide – One Person Sent to the Hospital

Posted by: DFX on Jul 09, 2016

fire-920057_640When you think about safety, do you think only about your own or the safety of others on the roads? While it’s true that all you can do is drive as safely as possible, it’s also true that some serious ramifications can come as a result of a moment of distracted driving. A recent story out of Miami is making some people think differently about scooters.

The article that details this story is called Car vs. scooter accident in Miami Beach sends one to hospital and originally appeared in the Miami Herald. Joey Flechas writes, “Miami Beach Police are investigating an accident involving a car and a scooter that sent a man to the hospital Wednesday night. A man driving a scooter collided with a car at the intersection of 71st Street and Indian Creek Drive shortly before 10 p.m. Police said the man was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Traffic was temporarily closed as investigators worked the scene, which was littered with debris.”

Thankfully this accident didn’t end with any fatalities but there were significant consequences. One man is in the hospital, traffic around the area was cut off for hours, and workers were forced to clean up debris. No matter who’s found at fault, one thing is for sure: they’re going to need a good personal injury lawyer.

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