A Parent’s Worst Nightmare: Florida College Student Severely Injured in Motorcycle Accident

Posted by: DFX on Jun 09, 2017

surgery-688380_1920No parent wants to see their child injured yet it happens all over the country every single day. Recently, it happened to a junior at the University of Central Florida, who has serious and severe injuries from a motorcycle accident that took place on State Road 408 near Orlando.

The student, whose name is Radley Gillis, was 21 years old and was riding his motorcycle from his job to his home. His friend was driving directly behind him in a truck when Gillis’ motorcycle skidded right off the side of the road.  

Police say that the accident happened close to a spot where the road cornered. They blame the accident on Gillis’ inability to complete the turn and say that as a result, he crashed into a guardrail. No one else was involved in the accident. When the ambulance arrived, they treated him at the scene and then transported him to the hospital. At the moment, he’s listed in critical and unstable condition, which means that we can’t be sure that he’ll survive this senseless accident.

The student has undergone almost a dozen surgeries

Since the day of the injury, Gillis has had eleven surgeries – that’s almost on surgery every day since he was first admitted to the Orlando Regional Medical Center. The University of Central Florida student body and staff raised more than $100,000 in a manner of days. That money will surely be appreciated but will likely not come close to covering the total cost of medical care for his injuries.

Many victims of motorcycle accidents are eligible for compensation

In this case, it seems as though no one was at fault and it was simple an accident. However, many motorcycle accidents are caused by another motorist either acting recklessly or negligently. When that happens, the victim of the accident has the right to file a personal injury lawsuit. In the event the victim dies from their injuries, their next of kin may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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