An Unfortunate Construction Death Raises Questions About a Florida Developer

Posted by: DFX on Nov 25, 2016

site-95211_640One person died in an October accident involving scaffolding at a construction site. The Real Deal published an article, One Dead, Two Injured in Hyde Hollywood Construction Accident, that sums up the facts but at Gilbert & Smallman we’re wondering one thing: Who is to blame for this outrageous accident?

It’s true that any accident site has its dangers. It’s also true that people who sign on to work on scaffolding understand that there are risks. However, if you’re in the position of assuming that it was nothing more than a construction accident, consider this: It was the second fatal accident in a single week for the contractor, John Moriarty & Associates of Florida.

The first accident lead to one death and five serious injuries and also involved scaffolding and building material falling. Both construction sites were shut down but is that enough? The truth is that those who lost a loved one on that day could be facing significant financial issues due to the loss of income. Those who’ve been injured can face life-long bills and financial impacts that need to be compensated.

When deciding who’s at fault, the first place to look is at the contractor. It’s clear from the article listed above that the painters were all wearing harnesses. All the people involved in the accident were artists, not construction workers.

According to the developer, they are working with OSHA as well as city officials to determine why the accident happened. They also say that they’re doing their own investigation. They claim that job sites are high-risk environments, though safety and security are their top priorities. The article notes that fire inspectors and the police are also investigating the accident.

At Gilbert & Smallman, we don’t doubt that the contractor feels terribly about what happened. However, our concern is with the loved ones of the people who were killed and injured. Our concern is with the people who work on construction sites every day and don’t have the right safety protocol in place to protect them.

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