Car and School Bus Involved in Auto Accident

Posted by: DFX on Nov 11, 2015

bus-878697_1920Car accidents are an unfortunate reality of driving in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area. This reality is even scarier when crashes involve children. No one wants to get a phone call saying their child was injured or worse in a crash. Even worse is the possibility of getting this call and not having proper legal protection. The least you should be able to expect is justice and compensation for your damages. However, many people end up losing twice in an auto accident, first through injury and then through crippling financial losses. Consider a recent article titled “Police investigate after car crashes into Broward County school bus.”

According to the author of the article, “Authorities are investigating after a vehicle rear-ended a school bus in North Lauderdale, early Thursday morning. The collision happened at the intersection of Kimberly Boulevard and North Lauderdale Avenue, sometime before 7 a.m. According to the bus driver, an Infiniti slammed into the bus from behind and almost went completely under it. The Infiniti sustained heavy damage. Authorities said it was a total loss. The man behind the wheel of that vehicle has not yet been identified. His condition remains unknown but is expected to be OK. The bus driver was not injured in the crash. Two children, who were also inside of the bus at the time of the accident were put on a different bus to be taken to school. Neither of them were hurt. The Infiniti has been towed from the scene, and the bus has been moved to a nearby parking lot for further investigation.”

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