Everyone is Responsible for Reducing Motorcycle Accidents

Posted by: DFX on Oct 14, 2016

Motorcycle AccidentPeople who drive cars may blame motorcycle accidents on motorcyclists, while those on motorcycles may blame car drivers. Who’s really at fault? The truth is that while one party may be responsible in individual cases, it’s up to both motorcyclists and car drivers to work to keep the roads safe for everyone.

3 things you can do as a car driver

It’s up to you, as the driver of a car, to prevent motorcycle accidents by following these three rules:

  1. Don’t text and drive. Distracted driving is actually one of the main reasons someone driving a car may not know that a motorcycle is near them. There is nothing so important on your phone that it’s worth getting into a car accident.
  2. Don’t look once – look twice. Anytime you’re pulling onto a road with a lot of traffic, look for oncoming traffic not once but twice. In the second between the first look and the second, a cyclist could have moved into the lane you plan to pull into.
  3. Always use your mirrors. You have side-view and rearview mirrors for a reason – use them! Before you start driving, adjust them to ensure they’re properly lined up for your line of vision. Look for motorcyclists every time you change lanes.

3 things you can do as a motorcyclist

As a motorcyclist, you have your own three rules to follow to help prevent accidents:

  1. Buy the right bike for you. Many accident investigators have said that some accidents are caused by people riding bikes that are too large or powerful for their bodies. Remember that it has nothing to do with how tough you are – you want a bike that will maximize performance while also keeping you safe.
  2. You need anti-lock brakes. This is a proven fact – and it’s well worth the cost. If your brakes lock up in a panic, you’ll have no control over your steering, which can lead to skidding and crashing. ABS help you retain control and are especially important in Florida downpours.
  3. Make sure you’re always wearing the right gear. You know that wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of tennis shoes is a recipe for a disaster. Use the jackets designed just for riding, bring your eye protection, wear your visor, and remember that other drivers may not see if you’re not wearing bright colors.

At Florida Accident Attorneys, we’re here to help you if you’re involved in an accident but we hope everyone can follow these simple rules to keep our roads safer.