Florida Teen Dies in Accident with Semi Trailer

Posted by: DFX on Jan 27, 2017

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, on January 19
th a semi-truck was going north on Interstate 75 when it came upon stopped traffic. The truck didn’t stop in time and ended up hitting a Saturn from behind. This led to a chain reaction that eventually affected three additional vehicles. The result was the death of 19-year-old Nadia Anderson.

These deaths aren’t necessary

The trucking industry has been booming across the country and that’s certainly true for Florida. While this is good news for those looking for jobs, it can lead to trucking companies not being as diligent as they should be when hiring drivers. A commercial truck isn’t just another vehicle on the road – those who drive them for a living should have extensive training and experience.

Commercial trucks have huge blind spots

One of the reasons that semi-truck accidents can be so common is that commercial trucks are large. This large size, their incredible rate, and the fact that they have huge blind spots can lead to an accident. It’s also important to point out that when a semi-truck accident happens, it’s likely to result in serious, life-changing injuries. In fact, wrongful deaths connected to accidents with semi-trucks are not uncommon.

Have you been affected by an accident with a semi-truck?

If you’ve been affected by an accident with a semi-truck, whether as the victim of the crash or the loved one of someone who was injured, then you may have a personal injury case on your hands. This could ensure that you’re compensated for the loss of income, medical bills, and other costs that come with being involved in an accident.

Your next call should be to a Florida semi-truck attorney

Even if the insurance company of the semi-truck has offered you compensation, even if the trucking company has offered to cover all your medical bills, you still need to contact Gilbert & Smallman for a free consultation.

Why? Because anyone offering you money after an accident is not on your side. They’re trying to get you to accept a deal because they know you may be entitled to more. For example, covering your medical bills today is a start, but what about follow up medical expenses down the road? We can make sure you’re fairly compensated. Contact us today for your free case evaluation.