Good News on Florida Roads: 3 Infants Survive Multi-Car Accident

Posted by: DFX on Dec 30, 2016

car crashesFor most parents, it’s hard to imagine something scarier than the thought of losing a child. Parents in Florida recently had to contemplate that very real possibility but fortunately their children came out of a terrible accident with nothing more than minor injuries.

The accident happened late at night on Interstate 95, just south of Mims. The Florida Highway Patrol reported that numerous people were treated, including three infants, all of whom were trapped in car seats. All three infants are currently recovering and there were no major injuries, which is a minor miracle considering how serious the accident could have been.

The accident happened at the State Road 46 exit just after 9 PM. The rescue crew, from Brevard County Fire-Rescue, were on the scenes within minutes. When the firefighters got there, they reported that the three infants described above were on the ground in their car seats. It wasn’t clear right away if the infants were all in the same car or if they were traveling in separate cars.

A spokesperson for the Florida Highway Patrol confirmed that all the infants were okay. As far as the other people involved in the accident, two patients were taken to Titusville to the Parrish Medical Center.

The accident caused quite a mess on the interstate as well. Two of the northbound lanes were closed for hours as rescue crews first worked to treat everyone that was injured, and then crews worked to remove vehicles from the scene. Once injuries were treated and vehicles were moved, the interstate opened back up.

At Gilbert & Smallman, we’re glad that everyone seems to have gotten out of this accident with nothing more than a minor injury. However, there are a few things we’d like to point out. First of all, we hope that those involved in the car accident were sure to be in contact with their doctors in the days and weeks following the accident. The reality is that many injuries from a car accident aren’t clear right away and only become evident after some time has passed.

We also hope that those involved did the things we always recommend after an accident like this, including exchanging information. It’s not clear from the current news reports just who was at fault but a good personal injury attorney may be needed and the more information they have, the better the outcome is likely to be.