Hit and Run Boating Accident Leads to Amputation

Posted by: DFX on Aug 05, 2016

coastline-998252_640Many people who’ve never been involved in a boating accident or don’t know anyone who has assume that they’re not as serious as a car accident. The truth is that boating accidents can have significant consequences, as evidenced by a story out of St. Augustine. ABC has the story: Florida Man Loses Part of Leg After Hit and Run Boating Accident On Lake.

The author writes, “Part of a man’s leg had to be amputated following what officials were describing as a hit-and-run boating crash in St. Augustine.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials tell news outlets that Logan Farquhar lost part of his leg after a ski boat struck the boat he was in Saturday night. Farquhar’s fiancee, Billie Inman, says the propeller of the ski boat cut off Farquhar’s lower leg.

Inman says the driver of the ski boat fled the scene after the accident. Officials say the suspect was eventually located and questioned. He could face criminal charges.

Inman has set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical costs and rehabilitation.”

As the article indicates, there may be criminal charges brought against the boater. The question is whether the charges will be for reckless boating, boating under the influence, hit and run accident, or all of the above.

Though the local District Attorney will be in charge of deciding if criminal charges are warranted, it seems obvious from the information given that the man who lost part of his leg has cause for civil suit. His next step is to contact a personal injury lawyer.

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