North Carolina Man Returns to Teaching After Brain Injury

Posted by: DFX on Sep 02, 2015

file000894312228After a terrible Memorial Day accident, a Gaston County teacher has returned to the classroom. Adam Lynn was visiting Tennessee with family when he fell off of a skateboard. He hit his head and for a time, his survival was in doubt. The fall caused swelling in his brain and doctors were forced to remove part of his skull to help reduce it. It was unclear if he would ever wake up from his coma. His wife Stephanie was with him much of the time. Her prayers, along with the support of family and friends on Facebook and at home, are partially credited for Adam’s awakening three weeks after the incident. His doctors were afraid that Adam would suffer long-term damage after he awoke, but he has recovered remarkably well and now only needs to receive one more evaluation before he returns to teaching. Both Stephanie and Adam credit their religious faith for his remarkable recovery, and they are now looking forward to their future together instead of apart.

Brain injuries are scary, no matter the outcome. Often, doctors can only assist the body in healing this type of injury. The brain is a very complicated and little-understood organ, and sometimes all anyone can do is hope that it recovers after an incident like this. In some cases, a seemingly minor fall and head injury can lead to death, while in others, the brain shows a remarkable capacity for recovery, sometimes past the point that health professionals think is possible. Brain injuries are unpredictable that way. Sometimes, even good outcomes can result in the need for months, if not years, of physical and mental therapy for the sufferer to regain all that they have lost. Sometimes, recoveries are not complete, and people are left with disabilities for the rest of their life. You should always remember to consult a lawyer at the earliest opportunity if you feel that you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury due to someone else’s neglect or action. One should not be crippled financially when trying to recover from such an event.