Not Following Safety Requirements Can Lead to Construction Accidents

Posted by: DFX on Jul 07, 2017

construction-646914_640Many people who don’t work in the construction industry are shocked to learn that the fatality rate for the industry as a whole is about twice other industries – and that minor accidents continue to rise. The reality is that construction sites are simply dangerous and full of hazards. That said, there are safety requirements in place to prevent or reduce construction accidents.

Construction sites need fall protection

One of the most common causes of worker fatalities are falls. This is why employers must implement fall protection systems, which include safety nets, guard rails, and personal fall arrest systems for any working surface that’s at least six feet from the ground and has unprotected edges. Guard rails are the best option to prevent falls and safety nuts are the best option to cushion the fall if it happens.

Scaffolding is critical

Scaffolding can be a literal life saver – but only if its constructed correctly. It must be erected on solid ground, it must be at least ten feet away from the closest power line, and it must be fully planked. It should also have mid rails, toe boards, and guard rails, all of which can protect not just the workers on it but those under and around it. Only professionals should erect scaffolding and even then it should again be inspected by a competent person before it’s used.

Ladders should be inspected daily

Just because a ladder was used yesterday with no issues doesn’t mean it’s safe today. A person must be assigned to inspect ladders on a daily basis. If a ladder has a snag or other defect, it must be marked as such and removed until it’s repaired.

Every employee on a construction site should be trained on the safety rules required for ladders. Every ladder on the site should conform to the latest OSHA standards, regardless of the type of ladder it is. If workers will be using energized electrical equipment, then only ladders with non-conductive side railing should be used.

Have you or a loved one been injured on a job site?

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