Road Rage

Posted by: DFX on Sep 11, 2015

car-wrecked-845143_1280It seemed like any other work day. I got out of work at the normal time and waded into rush hour traffic like everyone else.  In the midst of traffic, I got into a small fender bender. I was rear-ended while trying to merge. We both calmly pulled over and got out to look at the damage.

I wanted to call the cops, as one should when they get in a car accident of any kind. However, the guy who hit me had other ideas. He said he was in a hurry and that he was happy to just exchange numbers and compensate me with cash. I refused, since you know, that’s illegal. That made him quite angry, and after hurling some indecent remarks at me, he lunged at me. I got punched in the face three times. I didn’t see it coming. Some bystanders saw this and started shouting, which caused my assailant to jump back into his car and peel out.

Luckily, as the guy sped off, one of the people nearby that had shouted had the presence of mind to get his license plate number. The police used to find him at home that night, where he was charged with assault and battery. He pled guilty for a reduced sentence.

I had to go to the hospital that night. A plastic surgeon had to repair my nose, which had broken in a few different ways. Once I was out of the hospital, I went to a lawyer who told me to sue for damages. We took him to civil court and now he’s on the hook for my bills and additional damages. Things are better now, but it still doesn’t make what he did right.

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